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Swimming Pools Construction Specification

Swimming Pool Construction Specfication

Lifestyle takes pride in its No Compromise approach to its swimming pool shell construction.

The MOST important factor of any swimming pool is the specification and the way in which the shell is formed.

An important point to note, is that our typical pool shell is traditional and accurate in section and dimension with a shallow end, slope and deep end. The walls are vertical and extend to full depth of the deep end with a 300mm radius at the wall floor joint. This configuration gives a greater volume of swimming area, against the cost-saving hopper or bowl type commonly found in the market place.

This traditional style of pool allows us to complete a craftsman-like finish to our mosaic tiling, without the need to make unsightly cuts and seams in the finished surface.

Our pools shells conform to rigorous BS 8007 standards and are covered by
full 10 year warranty.

Swimming Pool Construction
Swimming Pool Construction
Swimming Pool Construction

Following the accurate excavation, sub floor preparation with porous 100mm layer of dry-lean concrete and any necessary underpool drainage works, the shape of the pool is formed with a lightweight shuttering, to exact dimensions required. At this stage, we incorporate any features such as level deck overflow, balance tanks, automatic pool cover housings, integrated Spa units, steps, seats or any other relevant design feature. There is no limitation to the shape we can provide.
The next stage is to fix the steel reinforcement to the individual required specification. This singularly is the most IMPORTANT part of shell construction and is the very backbone of the pool itself. We can design the pool shell simply to support the walkway around the pool or even the pool enclosure itself.
Finally the shell is completed by applying a special mix of sprayed concrete at high velocity to specified minimum structural thickness and accurately finished by hand. This process can take one or many days, dependent on the size or complexity of the pool, curing to an immense compressive strength of 35 Newtons.
The entire pool shell construction is carried out by our own in-house subsidiary company Guntek Ltd, enabling us to guarantee the highest possible standard of workmanship at this crucial stage.
On completion of the pool shell, the shuttering is removed allowing our engineers to install and test the circulation pipework and necessary services.

The pool shell is now ready for its final coats of waterproof render and mosaic tiles.